Basic Pedicure $42

Treat yourself with a sanitizing foot bath, cuticle trim, leg massage, lotion, hot towel and finish with a polish of your choice!

(Callus removal is available with this service).

• Add on gel or shellac for $15

European Pedicure $52

Relieve tired achy legs and feet with this re-mineralizing pedicure incluaing an aromatic foot soat reshapes nails cuticle details buffering to a healthy shines citrus salt glow exfoliation, callus remover, a cooling mask treatment with warm towels receive a tension relieving massage with unique moisture lotion followed by polish.

• Add gel or shellac for $20

Galaxy Pedicure $62

For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak, reshape nails cuticle detail buffenny to the healthy sline, salt glow exfoliation, callus remover, a cooling mask treatment with warm towels receive deep with tension massage with a unique lotion. Your feet with include warm paraffin treatment soothes arthritis pain and muscles aches heals dry or damaged skin, and sortens culticle followed by polish.

• Add gel polish for $15

Jelly Pedicure $62

What would be better than finishing your busy day by soaking your feet 10 jelly for 5-10 mins? This service includes a jelly soak.

• Add on gel or shellac for $15

Organic Pedicure $92

Relax your feet and toes with our Organic Pedicure. This pedicure includes trimming, shaping of nails and cuticles, and callus removal. Contains Pedi Bomb, Dead Sea salt, Collagen Mask, Collagen Cream, which provides deep moisturization to reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Add on gel or shellac for $15

Luxury Pedicure $72 & up
Collagen Pedicure $82 & up
Collagen ped with gel polish $97

Velvet with extra fresh honey, cummuber or organ!

Galaxy Pedicure with Gel $77
Polish Gel Toes $35
Basic Pedicure with Gel $57
European Pedi with Gel $67
Jelly Ped with Gel $77
Luxury Ped with Gel $87
Organic with Gel $107
Gel Polish on Feet $35


Manicure $30
Deluxe Manicure $42

This treatment incorporates an exfoliating scrub with hot towels. Nails and cuticles are groomed, a relaxing hand and arm massage with a hydrating shea butter cream is then done, followed with a warm mask to nourish the skin while, soothing sore muscles and joints.

Collagen Manicure $52 & up
Gel Polish on Nails $30
Manicure Gel $42 & up


Ombre Pink and White Fill Long $82 & up
Ombre Fullset Medium $82 & up
Ombre Fullset Long $92 & up
Fullset Medium $82 & up
Fullset Full Tip $92 & up
Fill Medium $82 & up
Fill Long $92 & up
Fullset Long $82 & up
Ombre Fullset Short $72 & up
Ombre Pink and White Fill Medium $72 & up
Ombre Pink and White Fill Short $62 & up
Fill Short $47 & up
Fullset Short $62 & up


Under 10 years old

Kids Manicure $27 & up
Kids Pedicure $32 & up
Kids Pedicure Gel $47 & up
Kids Manicure Gel $42 & up
Kids Polish Only $15 & up
Kids Gel Polish Only $27 & up


Nail Art Design $5 & up
Acrylics Nail Repairs $5 & up
French Tip Short $10 & up
Cat Eye/ Chrome $10 & up
Regular Polish Change Fingers $15 & up
Removing Acrylic Nails $20 & up
Removing SNS $10 & up
Add Gel $15
Full Diamond Nail $15 & up
French Tip Medium $15 & up
French Tip Long $25 & up
Diamond Short $10 & up
Diamond Medium $20 & up
Diamond Long $30 & up
Diamond on All Nails $30 & up


Eye brows $16 & up
Lips $11 & up
Brown, Lip, Chin $42 & up
Legs half $37 & up
Full legs $62 & up
Full face $42 & up
Bikini $50 & up
Brazilian $62 & up
Upper Lips $11 & up
Chest $42 & up
Back $42 & up
Haft Arm $40 & up


Dip with Long Tips $72 & up
Dip Fill $52 & up
Dip with Medium Tips $62 & up
Dip Ombre $62 & up
Dip on Natural Nail $52 & up